Copper Tiny Tini Coupe (100 ml)

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  • A martini is the perfect way to enjoy the rich and silky mouthfeel of our luxurious Swedish vodka, but while a martini recipe is as personal as the clothes you wear, there is one golden (or rather copper) rule - a martini must always be icy cold.

    Our Copper Tiny Tini Coupes are the perfect size for a tiny, colder martini, and ensure the last sip is as perfect as the first - good things come in tiny packages.

    Our Copper Tiny Tini Coupes are presented in a beautiful ready-to-gift presentation box with damask detailing, making it a perfect gift.

    Here’s what our customers are saying about this product:
    “Gorgeous little coupes! We love our Elyx copper, and these little coupes are the perfect addition.” ★ ★ ★ ★ ★– Fabian N.

  • Contains: 2 x Copper Tiny Tini Coupes with wheat motif

    Dimensions of the Tiny Tini Coupe:
    Height: 3.86" – 9.8 cm
    Width: 2.91” – 7.4 cm
    Length: 2.91" – 7.4 cm
    Weight: 0.33 pounds – 150 grams
    Capacity: 3.38 fl oz. – 100 ml

    Dimensions of the Gift Box:
    Height: 4.37" – 11.1 cm
    Width: 3.5" – 8.9 cm
    Length: 6.93" – 17.6 cm
    Weight: 1.04 pounds – 470 grams

    Each Absolut Elyx Tiny Tini Coupe is made of copper-plated zinc sealed with an FDA-approved food-safe lacquer and is presented in a beautiful ready-to-gift presentation box with damask detailing.

    Please wash before use. In order to preserve this item and its components, we recommend that you wash them by hand. Do not put in the dishwasher.

  • The Martini. The undisputed king of cocktails. Only two ingredients, yet a million different ways to make the drink your own. Yet, the only thing all martini aficionados will agree upon – there’s nothing worse than a warm martini.

    Nowadays the traditional ‘V’ shape martini glass has largely been replaced with the saucer or coupe shape, but the original size of these glasses was designed for champagne, which meant that cocktails served in these glasses were served larger and got warmer quicker.

    At Absolut Elyx we realized that to keep your martini ice cold from the first sip until the last, we needed to think differently. We needed to think smaller. Our tiny tini copper coupes are the perfect size for a martini that stays as cold as your lovingly prepared cocktail deserves.

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